Plus size bride, skinny maids, help

I'm a larger girl and I'm happy the way I am. All my maids tho are around a size 6. They seem to look way better than I do even in the ugliest dresses. How can I stand out on my wedding day without just being the bride?

Re: Plus size bride, skinny maids, help

  • But you will be the bride.  ALL eyes will be on you.  People might glance at them and be like oh they look nice, but you and your hubby will be the stars of the day.  Everyone is there to see YOU.  Let the maids were something nice and get a dress you love.  Then let your confidence shine though.

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  • You said that you are happy the way you are, so that will be enough to make you stand out, especially since it's your day, and everybody is there for you and your FI.  My best friend got married last year, and even with her being a good 4-5 inches shorter than any body in the WP, she was still the center of attention.  Just make sure that you feel fantastic in your dress, and the rest will fall into place!
  • all of those people arent there to see the tiny girls. theyre there to see you! my bridesmaids are all ranging from size 4 to 12, and i am a 24. but i know that this is my day and all that matters is me and my hubby :)
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  • I feel the same way. My bridesmaids are liek a Dove commerical. Size 0 .2.4.6. and 8
    I am currently around a size 20 (trying to get down toa  16/18 before my wedding)

    I can't change who I am and how I look, and I have to be happy with that. They are my best friends and they love me for who i am, not what i look like. and the same goes for you.
    Your entire wedding guest list feels the same way. They love you for the person you and your groom are- and not your size.

    Sure your bridesmaids may be thin and look cute in their dresses but it doesnt mean you don't look beauitful. You are the bride you will shine!
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  • I was a larger woman (size 18-20) who is now a small size, so I guess I have both perspectives to offer you.

    The main thing you need to keep in mind is that you are going to be a beautiful bride.  You WILL be!  There is something about every bride - the color to their cheeks, the dress that has been altered to fit them perfectly, and the happiness in their eyes that comes from loving someone and having them love them in return - that makes every woman the best she can be on that day.  Let that shine through!  Your guests already love you.  Love them back and enjoy this day to the fullest.  Let them see you happy and confident - that is what they are there for, anyway! 

    Trust me on this.  I used to be so self-conscious when I was heavier.  I actually lost 80 lbs. for health reasons and when I see a full-size woman who holds her head high and acts with confidence, it will make me stop to pause and admire her and wish I had done that.  I hope this helps.  I wish you every happiness in your new life. 
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