MIL stress

I need to vent a little ladies.

Let me start off by saying my MIL and I get along great but we have very different views when it comes to weddings.

When my FI and I told his parents about our wedding his MIL kept trying to push a courthouse wedding like she and FIL had. There is nothing wrong with that but it's not want I want.

Then she got pissy that we were spending money period. We haven't asked her for money for planning at all. We are having a small wedding, just immediate family, and have saved tons of money.  (Under 3000 for 20 people)

Now she thinks everyone, since it's just family, should pay for their own meal. (We're getting married at this cute lakeside restaurant and planning on having everyone order off the menu.) I am ABSOLUTELY against this idea. I think it's tacky tacky tacky!

My FI doesn't want to rock the boat so avoids having an opinion.

I understand she is worried about us since shortly after the wedding we'll be moving across country for me to attend grad school. I just don't understand why she is being so controlling of our wedding. I'm being reasonable about things and am not being extravagant in anyway but I still want the wedding I want within our price range.

It's just frustrating!
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