Looking for a weight loss buddy.

I am trying to lose about 30+ pound before my wedding. All of the people in my wedding month only have 10 lbs to lose and weigh 125 it seems. If only.... So i am looking for someone who is more relatable. So in the interest of full disclosure.... I weighed 262 at the start of my weight loss on Jan 2. I currently weigh 255. My email is [email protected] if you are interested. 

Re: Looking for a weight loss buddy.

  • Hey, I'll be your buddy! I currently use to track my progress, you can add me as a friend on there (same username as here)

    I'm looking to still lose 60 lbs (not all before my wedding, but just overall), so I'm definitely not 125!
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    I'll be your buddies! I'm looking to lose at least 60 pounds (hopefully more), but I really don't have a specific date as I don't really like deadlines. I just like to let my body lose weight naturally. I'm going to start working out next week, and this week is the beginning of eating healthier! :)
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  • I could use the company :)  I'm going to have to buy a scale, but I'm probably north of 280.  My goal for now is to fit back into a cute leather jacket currently hanging in my closet just a few sizes too small.

    My current project is teaching my body the difference between "stressed," "bored," and "not quite full," as it currently interprets all of these as "hungry, time to eat now."
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  • I'd love to join in on the fun too!  My goal is 30 pounds by August and a total of 80 pounds this year.  (Wedding is in September.)  I use WW right now and can't exersize much due to an injury.

    So what's next?
  • Do you think everybody wants to exchange emails.. and then we could check in with each other? 
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    Can I join in too? It would be fun if we had a sort of weight loss team! We could do threads on the board, and email!  I want to lose 40, right now I'm 220, and 180 is my ideal weight. I'll send you an email! It says my name is Roxanne, but it's me, I promise. 
  • On other boards I have see accountability days.  everyone checks in with their successes and failures of the day.  I think it would be a great way to keep each other motivated. 
    Any takers???
  • OP - YGPM. :)
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  • I'm currently on MFP too!  Feel free to add me.  Username is gcoker.
  • Just sent you an email!
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  • I know that I am motivated by hearing what other people's successes count me in!  I've lost 20 and want to lose 30 by early September.  Totally doable...just need to keep up the motivation!  Let's do this!
  • I'd like to join. I had WLS in August and I could really use some buddies to help keep me on track and I would also like to motivate others and share the recipes I am trying. I started at 305.8 I now weigh 208 lbs. I want to be atleast 180 by April!
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