Yay! Weight Watchers!

I have to take a minute to AW the beginning of my weight-loss journey.  I started my first meeting at Weight Watchers last Saturday. My first weigh-in was yesterday and I lost 6.8 pounds my first week! Yay! I understand it won't stay that high and consistent, but it was definitely a great feeling. The wedding is next Septemeber, but I figured it's never too early to start.

I also picked up Jillian Michaels' 30DS and whoaaa she kicked my butt last night!

Just had to share the excitement :)


Re: Yay! Weight Watchers!

  • That is awesome!!!!  making a change and seeing a result is wonderful!
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  • Congrats! It's always motivational when the scale starts to move in the right direction!
  • I love WW. I lost 40 pounds, then plateaued for almost a year, but now I am picking it back up again. You sound like you're doing awesome. Congrats to you and keep up the great work. Pinky swear that you will never ever ever quit!  30 DS is some serious stuff right there! I tried it once and my body didn't wanna!
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