Recommend somewhere for a + size MOB dress please

So my mom is freaking out about what to wear for my wedding.  She is very uncomfortable shopping in stores, so I'd like to find somewhere online that sells size - 30ish or 3-4x (she hardly ever buys clothes so doesn't know her size) dresses that would be appropriate for mother of the bride.  It's a daytime wedding in May, so fairly casual.  I'm at a loss because MOB isn't really my style and the places I can think of (Lane Bryant type) aren't hers.  Help?

Re: Recommend somewhere for a + size MOB dress please

  • I know both David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo have mother-of-the-bride dresses in that size. You could also try Macy's (sizes up to 3X or 26W).
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  • When she does buy clothes, where does she get them from?  That might be a good place to start.  My mom got her skirt/jacket combo from  JCPenney, but looks like they only go up to 24.  Catherines is a Lane Bryant company, but they might have omething she likes.

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  • I wear 26/28 up to 30 (esp in dresses) and I love Igigi and Eliza Parker.  Igigi is a little more form-fitting in my experience but I love their style.  I especially love Eliza Parker - very good quality and so comfortable, and their dresses tend to be somewhat simple so it could err toward casual or formal depending on accessories. might be a good place for her to look as well since she wants to do online, and they're pretty much a depository of most of the major plus-size retailers so she can start there to find stores that carry her size and style.

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    Thanks ladies - OneStopPlus was an excellent idea - I found a few Ulla Popkin things that I think she's going to love and never would have thought of their site.

    Apprecaite the help!
  • I think Glass Slipper up in Andover has MOB outfits too, they're a plus size bridal shop :-)
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