Dimilo's or other venues for rehearsal dinner 40 people

I know this has been discussed before but has anyone looked into rehearsal dinners at Dimilo's for summer 2012?  I was curious since they have a set rehearsal dinner option on thier webpage but it is way more over the top than we want to do- the options are $42-$56 per person.. I would rather do less food for less $$.

Does anyone know if you call if they are more flexible? We were hoping to keep the total bill around $30 per person on food plus drinks which is sitll very reasonable.

My Fiance wants to look into Portland Lobster company but I believe it is just a deck and would perferabley want a private space and I am sure they won't rent out the whole place on a Friday nght.  We might also look into the  falmoth sea grill since we are getting married right across the street.  Has anyone been in since it/eaten there since got redone?

Re: Dimilo's or other venues for rehearsal dinner 40 people

  • I would definitely give D'Millo's a call and see if you can negotiate. I know my FIL negotiated a lower price for his wedding reception and for a funeral reception they had there recently.  He does claim to know someone there, but it wouldn't hurt to call and lay out what you're looking for.
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  • Did you try the Eastland Hotel?  I know they have been remodeling, and not sure if they are open for business yet, but I have eaten in their restaurant and it's been great.  We also LOVE their bar, "Top of the East", and that could be a great possibility for you.  Good luck.
  • We are having our rehearsal dinner at The Snow Squall just across the bridge in South Portland. The price is around 26 per person and the food is A-MAZ-ING!!!! Heather is so nice too (she is the owner). They have a nice patio area outside too. Dimillos is good but overpriced and overrated in my opinion.
  • the eastland is probably not open since they cancelled my wedding for April of this year when we originally booked! 

    I would be very careful of Eastland and stay away from there while they are doing their "renovations"
  • ce827- yikes! For anyone else, I know the Eastland still won't be open by August since I called to see if I could do a room block and I believe they said they would be closed  until 2013!  Sorry to hear about your wedding... hope you found another spot! 

    We will check out the Snow Squall.  My FI is from Michigan so we were trying to keep it downtown if possible since his family/groomsmen are first time to Maine!

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