Okay, this is kind of a follow-up to my last post, but my difficult BM has told my MOH that she doesn't want her invitation to read "and Guest" because she's so upset that she isn't bringing a boyfriend. She's dating a guy right now, but he is getting shipped overseas before the wedding, and she's expressed to me that they might not stay together.

This is the same BM who, before she started dating this guy, got the invitation for the engagement party that said "and Guest," and flipped out at me about it, saying she was so upset when she read it that she cried. Um, way to be supportive?

Anyways, what should I do? I was going to let her bring a guest since I didn't know if she might be with a new guy, or if she had a friend she wanted to bring instead, if her current guy is overseas. If I know who she's bringing before the invitations go out, I can obviously address it with that person's name, but if not...what do I write? Should I just write the current bf's name if they are still together, and if he can't come, oh well? I  think any substitute for "and Guest" (like "and Date") will still upset her.

I'm tempted to say, hey, take the "and Guest" or you don't get to bring anyone! But since she's a BM, I feel it's only right to her let bring someone.

I get that going to a wedding without a serious significant other can be depressing (I've been there!), but to flip out about the invitation wording, especially as a BM when she should at least try and pretend to be happy her friend is getting married? Just...immature. Mostly, I just want to tell her she's being dramatic and to get over it.

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    I would just tell her that the invitation was in no way meant to upset or offend her but that you thought she might want to bring a friend or something so she wouldn't have to be alone at the wedding.  Explain that this wording is simply what you used for all of your invitations.  Thats about all you can sounds to me like she is just still super emotional about her bf and that the situation will (hopefully!) die down over time. 
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