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Hi All, I have been engaged for almost a month, but am trying to get ahead on planning because we have a TON going on and it goes by fast. We are not planning to get married until NEXT fall (2014) because we are expecting THIS fall! The one thing I really want set in stone is the venue so that we can worry about the smaller details later. I've done a LOT of searching and looking, but I think nothing compares to info from the experienced.
SO - we are looking for a venue where we can get married outside and hopefully near the water. We are from a small town, so we are feeling like it will be a laid back feeling.We are going to have somewhere between 125 & 150 people because of big families. We want a place where people from a further distance will have a chance to stay if they need to (or nearby) BUT we don't necessarily need to stay on site. We obviously have a bit of a tight budget because of the baby!! ANY help or suggestions would be great.
Rangeley is our top pick for a place, but other rural towns with lakes would be wonderful. Any advice would be a help, thanks in advance! :)

Re: Western Maine

  • North Conway could have some options for you. With the White Mountains there will be tons of in nature options for you and then plenty of venues in North Conway itself. However, Fall is perhaps their busiest season, so you would want to book and book soon becasue I would wager that dates are already being snatched up for 2014
  • Renting out a summer camps can be a less expensive yet really relaxed environment. They are mostly DIY which is good because you can make it your own. (Given you have some extra time) There are many listed on and all are on lakes. I have emailed a few and revived quick responses.
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