How much did everyone spend on flowers? I ask becaue I am looking into some flowers and I want to see if I am going to spend too much or if I am actually getting a deal because honestly I can't tell.
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  • Total cost is a little over $400 .... but my mother in law is splitting the cost with me ... YAY! :)
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  • I'm looking at approximately $2,000. I'm sure it all depends on the size and location though.
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    Bouquets - centerpieces - or both?

    I did artificial for bouquets and spent around $150 for mine and 5 BMs.  Most people were shocked that they weren't real.

    For the centerpieces - it was $80 for 12 jumbo hydrangea blossoms.  One stem per table was all I needed because they were huge!

    Flowers had zero importance to me, so I refused to spend an obscene amount of money on something that would die.
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  • I am hoping to spend $1200 or so.  I just met with a GREAT florist in Portland who says he can meet my budget, centerpices, bouquet, and all (granted, I don't have a maid of honor or bridesmaids). 
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    I can't remember how much, but was very happy with the flowers and prices from Alda Stich. She goes into great detail with you and her flowers are very fresh.  I also had her add some herbs to some of the pieces that I wanted larger without adding more $ to the price. They came out beautiful. Good luck.
  • Thanks guys. I am going with atrifical flowers and we have been pretty good at saving as much money as possible and I am just having a hard time justifying for spending $290 for flowers (1 bridal, 3 bridesmaids, 4 coursages, and 11 bouts). Has anyone made thier own bouquets? Did they come out good? Am I just being picky and I need to jump at this awesome price while I have it?
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    $290 for all of that?  That actually sounds like an amazing price.  By the time I bought everything to make my bouquets, I paid close to that, and that didn't include the bouts.  I bought baseball rose bouts for the guys, so that was in addition to the $150 I spent on artificial.  When I factor in how much time it took me to make them, I was beginning to wish I had paid someone to do it for me!

    I thought my bouquets came out great, but I also went a very simple route with only using 3 hydrangea stems for each bridesmaid bouquet, and the MOH bouquet had a dahlia in it too (all fake).  Mine was a bit more of a mix, and it was tough to get things exactly where I wanted them. 

    My bouquet:

    Bout with my bouquet:

    Braidsmaids Bouquets

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  • We are spending around 700$. That is for Bridal Bouquet and 7 bridesmaid bouquets. Groomsmen boutineer with 5 groomsmen - 6 parents corsages/boutineer and 2 grandparent corsages. We are not using flowers for decorations - there are many cute cheaper options :)
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