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Opinion needed ladies!

Elegant and simple centerpiece, or too plain???

Re: Opinion needed ladies!

  • I think it needs a little color. Maybe put a mirror underneath it and add some rose petals in your wedding colors?
  • what happen to the first one?
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  • I agree with the color!  Could you put colored stones in the bottom instead of rocks?  Or maybe a few votives going around it? 

    I originally just had the margarita glass as my centerpiece, and when I saw it on a larger table by itself, I realized it needed more.  Adding 4 votives balanced it out pretty well. 
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  • Also, to add to the vase (which I think it lovely!) you could submerge some babysbreath rather than just have the water? I also think maybe a square of fabric with some candles could be lovely and cost effective!

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    Thanks for the ideas ladies! I'm actually now thinkin gof putting a Betta fish in each one- My Mom usggested it and I was like nooo at first, but then I mentioned it at work to a few co-workers and they thought it would be cool, So I will get one at petsmart (i've been wanting one anyways) and i'll see how it looks.  i'll Post a picture after!  also going to have votives around the base
  • i would put a live flower in it that has some color or the colors you are using for your wedding. i have seen a lot of those done and they always looks really nice!
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  • I have to say - I'm not a fan of the fish thing.  I went to a wedding once where they had goldfish in the center pieces.  Looking at pooping fish while eating wasn't the most appetizing thing.
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  • I like the submerged flowers idea, I am not a big fan of the mirrors only because I think that has become a common wedding thing. Maybe add some greenery around it? I actually think it is very pretty and elegant but it does  need a little something to it!
  • Agree with it needing color or being a little something extra because like hcorrigan said, while it looks good on it's own, it's going to look really small when it's on a big table.

    I also have to say I'm not a fan of the fish. Pooping fish is one thing, but there's always the off-chance that its possible one could die. So now it's sad, and terrible that you have a dead fish floating while people are trying to eat. Plus something about using live animals for wedding doesn't sit very well with me. Not really sure what it is.

    I think your best bet would be to add some color and maybe some votives around it.
  • yeah, after thinking about it again, Decided against the whole fish idea.     thinking a simple Orchid blossom will be perfect!
  • That sounds gorgeous! 
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  • Agreed! An orchard blossom sounds beautiful!
  • definitely an orchid. simple yet elegant!
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  • I think they look pretty as is. We are doing something similar.
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