Sell me your VEIL!

HI Ladies,
I can't see the value in going out and spending big bucks on a veil Im only going ot wear for a few hours. If any of you have something you'd like to unload, lets talk.

I'm looking for a two tiered veil (might be open to one tier as well) , fingertip length. It would be nice if it had beading around the edge (clear beads), but I might settle for a white trim. My dress is "silk white" if that matters....I dont think it really does.

Let me know what you have...and pictures are always great!

Re: Sell me your VEIL!

  • kay0003kay0003 member
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    I'm not familiar with "Silk White", is that just a regular white color?  I have two ivory veils I'd be willing to sell but I don't know that either would match.
  • edited December 2011
    Hey try Ebay.  My friend bought 4 different $10 veils for her wedding.. chose the best one then gave the others to the flower girl for dress up.  The one she liked didn't match perfectly so she dyed it in the bath tub with tea bags. Still soo much cheaper than buying 1 at full price!
  • jdenormandiejdenormandie member
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    kayoo3-silk white is probably something the designer came up with. Its really a muted shade of white, not so much ivory. i do appreciate your reply though, thank you.

    jpickering-i will check it out.thanks.

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