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Any suggestions for a reception site in the Waterville area?  Aside from a hotel conference room?  There are NO resources for this area whatsoever....everything I can find is if you want to get married south of Portland or near Bar Harbor.  TIA!
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Re: Reception site

  • hcorr34hcorr34 member
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    What about Colby College?

    One of my coworkers went to a wedding there in the recent past.  They were very skeptical since the entire thing was on a college campus but came back raving about every aspect of it.
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  • ivyrose13ivyrose13 member
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    I had the similar problem in the midcoast area. I ultimately booked the grand ballroom at a local hotel, but there are other options if you are willing to get creative: 

    What time of year are you getting married? You could put up a tent at a local state park and create your own reception space. 

    Are there any museums/art galleries that might have large classroom/seminar spaces you could use?

    Church halls?

    Convention/Event spaces? Call the local chamber of commerce on this one.

    And you might want to look at local hotels too, not all of them are cold and cookie cutter looking. 
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  • amshaw1amshaw1 member
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    Not sure what kind of wedding you are looking for (budget, outdoors, inside, small or lots of people, etc)  I mostly know of outdoors stuff since that's what I'm interested in but a few places would be Alden Camps in Oakland, Camp Manitou in Oakland, or Camp Matoaka in Smithfield. 

    The college is also a good idea.
     I've never been inside, but I've driven by the Augusta Elks lodge and it looks pretty from the outside.  B&B's in the Belgrade Lakes area or maybe a restaurant in Waterville/Oakland/Winslow etc  that you could rent might be worth looking into.

    Hope that helps!

  • schadbourneschadbourne member
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    hmm there is a "new" venue that is half restauarant and half hall for weddings and events, the problem is I cant remember the name.

    It is pretty much of the waterville oakland excit acrossed the road from the Weathervane. if i can remember i will let you know --sorry that is not much help but if someone else knows they can help me out
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    I went to Colby and the campus is beautiful! The chapel is really pretty, and the room where the reception would likely is nice as well. The grounds would offer some great photo opps. Also, the college's food is very high rated every year by the Princeton Review. They only do weddings in the summer when school isn't in session. I think their event contact is Karen Farrar Ledger:

    I know Thomas College hosts business events, and may do weddings as well.

    I wracked my brain thinking of other places in Waterville for a wedding and came up pretty much dry. There's a pretty opera house but I have no idea how much it would cost to rent the place, and if they do that at all.

    I did find on a google search that there's an event venue in nearby Winslow. Not a lot of info on their website though:

    Also, the Belgrade Lakes Golf Club hosts events:

    The Mid-Maine Chamber has a list of caterers, banquet and event facilities on their website. Not sure how updated it is (I know the Bread Box is closed...sad!), but it could give you some ideas. This is a pdf:

    Good luck!
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