Tent weddings

I have no clue how to pick a reception place, i have no idea if this is what this posting thing is for but i need help.

 We are expecting about 200 people (maybe less because half have to travel from CA) but all of the biger ball room like places are just not "us" and the more laid back places are too small.

I picture our wedding outside in a park or in the mountains or something.  How do i go about finding a nice flat peice of land to stick a tent on?!?! 

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    When is your wedding? Your bio says February, but I'm assuming it's not if you're thinking of doing an outside wedding in Maine.

    Here are some suggestions I have for having an outdoor wedding (all names are clickable links):
    Southern Maine Community College -- in Portland, near the ocean, I believe
    Retreat at French's Point --  Stockton Springs, on the ocean
    Sugarloaf -- in the mountains
    Bear Mountain Inn -- in Waterford, on the water
    Inn on Peak's Island -- on an island off Portland
    Pineland Farms -- in southern Maine
    Cityside Events -- has a few private locations in the Portland area where you can have an outdoor wedding.

    Hope this helps you get started. Good luck!

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    Minimin has some great ideas! Depending on your budget they are all very good choices but some are definitely a lot more than others. Just to re-iterate what she said about the wedding date...if your bio is right and you wedding is in February you are probably not going to have a tented outdoor wedding. We are having a tented reception in September and the tent place advised us to have 2, 100,000 BTU heaters in case it's in the 40's or 50's (worste case scenario). I can only imagine how many you would need in February but chances are you wouldn't be fitting any guests into the tent with your heaters.
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    thank you SOOO  much I will check all those out!

    February would be if we got married in Costa Rica (where we met).  I would definitely do a summer wedding in Maine, NH

    ...OR Califioria (where hes from) BLAA basically I have too many choices.

    anyone esle have additional recommendations for a tent wedding  in eastern NH/north conway area?

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    Wow, you do have a lot of choices! It must be hard trying to research wedding sites in four different places! You've got your work cut out for you :)

    I don't know of any NH places -- sorry! You should visit the NH board to get recommendations for NH places.
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    Sunday River has some nice spots.  If you want an outside wedding you can get married on the covered bridge in Newry.  Or use the patio outside the grand ball room.  I also, think they have some places you can sent up a tent. 

    Here are some places in NH

    This one looks really nice.  I have never been there

    This is funny but you could get married on the scenic railroad in North Conway. it seats up to 250

    Pinkham's knotch up to 300 people outside in a tent.
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