It turned out perfect

Hi Ladies, My wedding turned out perfect. The sky cleared up about 2 hours before the wedding. Pictures should be getting soon. I am not sure I am going to like the formal shots. My step mother kept putting the veil over my shoulder. I think it's going to look stupid. She was trying to be the photo director. My dad finally got her to go away. My aunt got some great candid shots at the reception. I'll upload them later. The first dance went great. We had to improvise because I couldn't do some of the moves with the dress. For those that took dance lessons, we took swing and when Steve put me into the sweet heart I stepped on my dress and twisted my ankle. No one noticed, we kept going. And the ending was perfect with the dip. The dj was awesome. Everyone kept asking him for his card. One friend said she is just going to have a party to have him play haha. The rest of the reception went great as well. I ended it around 11:30. Than everyone went to the bar in the hotel. It end up being a car rally or something this weekend so there was a ton of people there. DH stayed up until about 3am with everyone. Some how a car ended up in the lobby and they had a dance party, and than decided to set up some tires and a sofa. They ran and would spring off the sofa into the tires. There is a video on facebook of it. Not sure if you would be able to see it or not. My advice is do not keep your shoes on from 2pm to 11:00pm.

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