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Any advice! My man and I are meeting with Father Kevin this week to talk about our wedding next summer. We are getting married in a Catholic church, but not having a Catholic ceramony...We are also using another priest to marry us. Has anyone ever gone through this before? We are both really nervous, what should we expect!

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    I hear it really varies by denomination and by officiant.  Our meeting with our priest was really easy.  He just discussed what marriage means in the Episcopal Church and went over the ceremony itself.  We pretty much just hung out with him for a couple of hours.That said, a friend of ours is getting married 3 weeks before us in a Catholic Church and they had to go through rigorous classes, surveys that tested their compatability with each other and with the Church.If neither your ceremony nor your officiant is Catholic, it should be pretty easy, but be prepared to discuss anything from division of household chores to having several dozen babies.
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