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I have been on here a few times in the past year and a half. My daughter was married on the 8th in Presque Isle. Everything went excellent..the weather,the ceremony, the photographer, the food and DJ. It is true, the day seems to be about 2 hours just zips by!! Here are a few words of wisdom(?) from a MOB:Even though I like cooking, I told my family that it was going to be leftovers, take-out, or microwaved for the week of the wedding. Good decision!Try to have all of the DIY projects done two days before the wedding. Between decorating, rehersal, rehersal dinner, hair appts and all of the other things  you don't need any stress of finishing things.Stand back and look at everything! Enjoy it for a few minutes. The reception hall looked so nice all set up with the tablecloths, my DIY table runners, the homemade jam as favors, the cake, and the flowers (DIY with her grandmother's mason jars of different colors and sizes with cut and wild flowers). By the time we got to the reception after the ceremony it was full of people.Try to mingle with as many people as possible. It was great to see everyone!Relax and enjoy the day!!Thank you to all of you who have given me ideas to help my daughter with her wedding--even if you didn't know it. JaimeBeth, you and your links are priceless!Sherri

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