a touchy religion.... how to honor my beliefs without offending his family

So, I was raised in a very christian home. But it never felt right to me. I was never very comfortable going to church, and all the stuff that went with it. So after alot of study and soul searching I found a religion that works for me. I am a practicing wiccan, I keep it to myself because I dont want to offend my FI family. They are a very conservative christian family. But, I still want to do SOMETHING in the ceremony that honors my beliefs. Has anyone else had this issue? Help me please....

Re: a touchy religion.... how to honor my beliefs without offending his family

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    I dont know a lot about your religion or his either actually but my best advice is to do something even if its small, you dont really have to announce what its for, just do it. Im afraid if you didnt you would regret it forever. Its your wedding, its your marriage, you & your FI being happy with that day 20 years from now is what matters. If I were you Id post this on multiple boards, test the waters and get different advice. Sorry I couldnt be more help.
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    Are there herbs and plants you could incorporate into the decor and bouquets that symbolize or represent feelings, luck, etc.?How about using a ribbon/scarf to tie your hands together when you make your vows? That's a tradition that has its roots in pagan/pre-Christian (i.e. similar to Wiccan) religions but it's not considered in any way to be anti-Christian and it's not something that would stick out as obviously Wiccan to conservative Christians...I'm assuming you two are having your ceremony in a church, then? Maybe you can ask the church if you can also have a huppah-like arch with flowers or maybe even some potted birch trees on either side of where you and your FI are standing-- that would be a subtle way of bringing Nature into the ceremony.Just some ideas I have in the front of my mind. I bet some searching on the internet would yield more...Good luck!
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    Daniele's talking about hand fasting, which is becoming more and more popular.  If it's important to you, then by all means do it.  Don't regret it later because you're afraid of what someone will think.  Just keep it small/meaningful for you and you don't have to announce what/why you're doing it if you don't want to.
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    I too was going to suggest a handfasting. It has become popular and nonoffensive to most christians
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