Cozumel or Dominican Republic?

Has anyone been to either or both?We're on the fence as to which location to do for our AI honeymoon in late April 2010...

Re: Cozumel or Dominican Republic?

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    We went on a cruise a couple years ago and one of the stops was Cozumel.  It was amazing  I wish that we could have stayed there longer it was my fave!  We did the tour where you can snorkle with the sting rays.  OMG totally fun!  There was so much to see and do and we just didnt have the time.  As for the DR  never been there.  Good luck!
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    I've never been to either place, but I've heard awesome things about the DR. I had a friend in college who was from there and he absolutely raved about it. He took a girl he was dating there to visit and she loved it so much, she ended up moving there... AFTER the two of them broke up!
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    I would vote for the Dominican.  I have been to both and while they are both beautiful, I looooved the DR.  I've heard that you want to stay in one of the nicer resorts because it is a third world country and some of the resorts are not all that nice.  We stayed at the Paradisus Palma Real.  GORGEOUS!!!
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    I've been to both and would highly recommend Cozumel.  The DR was so sad outside of the resort walls.  Very poor and desolate.  We are going back to Cozumel for our honeymoon in May 2010.  You don't need to stay at a resort in Cozumel...a hotel is just fine because there is so much to do.  Also -- you can take an inexpensive ferry ride over to Playa Del Carmen (which is a short trip south of Cancun).   Cozumel is also one of the best spots for scuba diving -- it's one of the world's best spots for viewing coral reefs. 
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