Wedding Show at The Woodlands?

Is anyone going to the show at The Woodlands on Nov 7th? I haven't been to a wedding show yet and I'm trying to figure out if its worthwhile or just a waste of time... opinions?!

Re: Wedding Show at The Woodlands?

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    IMO, they're worth it if you're still looking for vendors.  Go and collect info and ideas on vendors and possibilities and looks, etc.Be wary of prizes and giveaways, as friends of mine have found that there's usually a catch, if not a scam.  This is the unfortunate side of things.  Sometimes signing up for contests and more info often gets you on junk mailing lists.  I actually never went to a bridal show during my engagement.  I went to two of them before getting engaged - even got DH to go with me to one of those.  I found all my recommendations and ideas from the Knotties.  But, I think bridal shows are good to experience.  I didn't find them to be a waste of time.
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    I went to one at Holiday Inn by the Bay when I was planning and really enjoyed it. There were some pretty pushy vendors and if you put your name/ph #/ email addy on ANYTHING you can expect to get spammed to death and called by solicitors non stop, but even with all that included, I still think it was a good experience.
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