Rehearsal Dinner

Anyone have suggestions about where to have a rehearsal dinner in the Bangor area?  I'm getting married in Hermon, so I'd like the dinner to be somewhere in Bangor/Brewer.Thanks!

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    Mossimos and the Perry House are both great locally owned restaurants... if you go to the Perry House I recommend the coconut shrimp!  There is also Park City Grille in Old Town.
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    If it's not a low-key dinner, why not go to the casino up there? It's a really fun place and the dining room serves an all you can eat buffet that is phenomenol! We stopped in one night just to check the place out and ended up eating there and we're definitely going back just to re-visit the restaurant! Who knows, someone might hit the jackpot at the same time!
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    ooo that sounds like fun, starrbaby! I don't know the Bangor area at all, but I've heard about the Sea Dog Banquet Center up there. No idea if it's nice or not, but I love the Sea Dog restaurant in Topsham!
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    I lived in Old Town for about 6 months and loved The Chocolate Grill. That would be a lovely place for a rehearsal dinner.
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