Mason Jars with photos inside?

I've heard you can put a picture inside glass in this case a mason jar and fill it with vegetable oil and it will preserve. Has anyone done this or seen this before? I'm thinking about doing this for my centerpeices but also using flowers... do u think the oil will kill the flowers? Any other suggestions besides this to incorporate pics inside a glass peice?

Re: Mason Jars with photos inside?

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    Whoa, that sounds cool! I haven't heard anything about it, but my gut feeling is that it would be okay, since oil and water don't tend to mix, meaning the oil shouldn't suck the water out of the flower and cause it to shrivel. But I'm no scientist! I'm assuming using water would ruin the photos, but if professionally printed (as opposed to on your printer) the ink might not run, and for a brief amount of time the paper could stay intact if it wasn't pulled on or disturbed.You could put a photo inside a mason jar, and then put a smaller vessel inside that holds the water for the flowers. That way the photo would be outside the water. Of course, that means having two times the number of glass pieces, which might not be feasible for you.
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