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Hi,We are having our wedding catered by a very good family friends and want to have a bartender also. I called around and found Jeff York, with Yorks Catering and he rents bar services without having to go with them as a caterer for a very good price.  I was wondering if anyone had used them before or heard anything good about them? Need a little imput. Thanks ladies!!!!

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    I think Jaime and I went to high school with a Jeff York. Wonder if it is the same one.  I haven't heard anything about the company Autumn.
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    We definitely went to HS with a Jeff York for sure, but I don't think it's the same one.  I hope you get some feedback, but if he's a good price and they'll just do bar you probably can't go wrong since a lot of places don't do that (or charge an arm and a leg for it since they aren't getting the catering business).
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    They're based in South Portland. Our venue gave us their name, but we didn't look into hiring them. I went to HS with their son...I don't know anyone who has used them, but I think you can suppy the alcohol yourself and they will serve it (which is a good savings). I might be wrong on that, though.
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    Thanks Ladies. I think scott and I will call him back and just have a few questions answered and then decide. I dont want to have to supply the alcohol so hopefully they will do that and also how long they stay for will be another question. Its not like they are catering the wedding so if they suck its not that big of a deal.  
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