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Hi, FI and I have a date for May 28 and I thought I saw a post a while back about flowers at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester...  If anyone has info on that, I would very much appreciate it!!Also, for bouquets, I have decided to go synthetic so they hold up under the loooooong Catholic ceremony and actually make it to the reception.  Anyone know a place to get synthetcis at a discount?thanks!!

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    That may have been me, but I don't really have any info. All I know is my coordinator at Shawnee Peak told me some bride got a bunch of flowers at a really great price at some farm in New Gloucester. I assumed Pineland because I don't know of any other farms there, but nothing on their website says they have flowers, and I haven't given them a call or anything. I tried Google searching for a flower farm in New Gloucester but didn't come up with anything. My coordinator's kind of a scatterbrain, or I'd follow up and try and get the bride's name/number to ask her where she got the flowers. Sorry!
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    My flowers were all silks - sunflowers and roses - purchased from a seller on e-bay!  I loved them, and they'll last forever!I found great deals on - they have some already assembled in bouquets, that would just need some minor extras added like ribbon around the bunches, but at a great price!  They have silks and "real touch" flowers.I originally bought my BM's bouquets thru them for $4 each!  I ended up ultimately using the ones from the ebay seller, so that ALL of my flowers matched and coordinated.  Another option I looked into was to have them made by the craft stores - Michael's has a floral department that would make them up, and if there's still a Ben Franklin anywhere up there, they do a great job too - but I know they're scarce these days. 
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