Thank you MOH!

My MOH is my sister, and we are close in age and so have been close all our lives. I have one BM who has been my friend my whole life and was once my best friend, but over the last year we've really grown apart and haven't always gotten along, which needless to say has made including her in the wedding stressful.

I confronted her a few months back about how she wasn't there for me and asking her if she still wanted to be friends and be in the wedding, and she said yes, and things were really great...for a month or so. Now, she's been totally MIA and hasn't bought her dress, which I told her to do by the end of January. She also never got back to MOH about what dates would be good for a bachelorette party. I tried to talk to her about it but she kept blowing me off.

Anyways, my MOH just told me she managed to get this girl to sit down and talk with her, and told her that she had to buy her dress and had to try and make time to talk to me about wedding stuff, and make sure she still wanted to be involved. I felt so happy MOH was sticking up for me and took the initiative to try and keep this BM on track and make sure she knew what expected of her. She even organized a whole trip to David's Bridal this week so that she, BM and me could all go and get the dress together, when I hadn't even been able to nail BM down to meet me for coffee! I'm happy MOH played bridezilla for me.

Long story short (okay, not short at all!), I guess this BM is still committed and hopefully will step up from here on out, and like, actually show up to the bachelorette and the shower and all that stuff. I don't think I'll end up staying friends with her after the wedding, sadly, but hopefully we can at least be close enough to enjoy the stuff leading up to the wedding and the actual day.

A word to those who haven't picked their bridal parties: do it carefully, and don't do it too far in advance! In hindsight, I should have waited.

Sorry so long!
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