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Hey everyone,I am getting married in the Kennebunkport area and was wondering if any one had suggestions for photographers in the area that are amazing and reasonably priced? Thanks!
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Re: Photographer Help!

  • We just booked Carrie Pellerin.  She is located in Saco and takes amazing pictures.
  • I chose Portrait New England. They are really reasonable for what they offer. They have bee awesome to work with so far too. I found them based on a rec from the Boston board, but they cover the whole region for free.
    What kind of photography are you into? Candids are really important to me so that's why I chose them. You also want to choose someone that you really click with cuz they are in your face the whole day.

    Good luck!
  • Mariya- check your Private message inbox!
  • I got married at kennebunkport last September 2011. I used Simply Mella Photography. Melanie is great! I can't be happier. Her price is so reasonable and I was given all the images and rights for the pictures. PM me if you have any questions.
  • Thanks for all of the suggestions! The ones suggested I haven't checked out yet, so I am going to do that tonight. 
    May 2013 Brides Siggy Challenge October- Honeymoon! 7 days in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! image
  • We used Kate Bradley and we were so happy with our pictures, and our experience with her. She was really good about keeping us going for the formal pictures so that we got the ones we wanted and didn't waste a ton of time doing it (so we actually got to enjoy a bit of our cocktail hour), she had a very creative eye, so we would got some pictures that we wouldn't have thought of because she would stop us and ask to take a random picture, and she wasn't obtrusive at the reception.

    We were so happy with the pictures we got. They truly came out beautifully. Also, we were very happy with her price! She may have gone up some since we booked her, but she was very reasonable as she was just starting professionally (but a lot of photo experience still personally).
  • Birch Blaze Photography based out of NH.  I loooove them.  Check out their blog - we are the skiesta wedding.
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