Bachelorette party!

Hey girls, just wondering if you could give some ideas on what you did for your big night with the girls! We are debating heading to Boston or Bar Harbor ....what kind of ideas did you come up with?!

Re: Bachelorette party!

  • hesding to Vegas next month, can;t wait
  • I think trips can be a great idea, provided that everyone feels comfortable with the costs. I know as recent grad, I wouldn't have the cash. With that said, you might be able to find an awesome groupon or if you're in one area, use hotwire to find a reasonable hotel. 

    For my best friend, we wanted to stay local so we had a pure romance party! It was SO fun and after a drink or two, everyone was loosened up and chatty. She didn't want strippers, so it was the right amount of 'sexy'. People bought stuff for themselves and as the host, I gave her my 'credits' so she got a couple things for free. It was cheap and fun! 
  • If it was in season, I'd love to go whale watching in Bar Harbor with my girls.  You can spend the day at Acadia: Drive to the top of Cadillac Mt, chill at Sand Beach, eat lunch at Jordan Pond House.  You'll have plenty of energy for bar-hopping when the sun goes down!
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