Thinking of doing this... have I completely lost my mind?!

So, the photographers who shot my wedding forwarded this link to me:

They send me specials/updates every few months or so but this is different:
My husband's birthday is next month, he's next to impossible to buy for, and I didn't do boudoir pictures before the wedding...
Also, I thought the girls here might like to go for it considering the post about boudoir pics recently- it seems to be a hot topic on a few different boards.

Re: Thinking of doing this... have I completely lost my mind?!

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    If you're husband would like it, then no it's not crazy at all.  I say go for it!
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    I would definitely do the photos, but I'm pretty sure I would not sign the model release.  My FI and I had enough hesitation about signing the release for our wedding photos when we hired our photographer.  I don't want boudoir photos of me on her site, even if they're not associated with my name so they'd be hard to find.  If I signed the release, I would want to do it after seeing all the photos and probably only for certain photos, definitely not upon signing the initial contract.  

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    If you already have a relationship with the photographer, I would chat about the possibility of protecting your identity before signing the release.  If you could be sure that any photos used of you in the portfolio are not identifyable as you - no face, etc - and get that written into your release, I would TOTALLY go for this!  I spent over $400 on mine before my wedding!
    I did two different Trash the Dress shoots with this type of deal, they were awesome, but there was no real need to protect my privacy with those shots.  Wink

    Any chance she's wanting to build her maternity portfolio too?  Tongue out  That's what I need right now. 
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