VENDER REVIEWS for all you planning brides!!

Ceremony- Wells Habor Park, Hopes Hobbs Gazebo- I absolutely loved this for our ceremony. It is in the boat yard at wells habor, surrounded by dune grass. It's very inexpensive and has that "beachy feel" It isn't too bright so if your looking for a decoeative bright place, either don't go here, or plan on lots of decorations! (flowers, ribbon, etc). I think the natural look is so beautiful, and heard so many great things and how beautiful it was..
Reception- The Coastal House in Wells. I could go on and on about how great this venue was to us! Very afforadable (for what you get) and still very classy. The food was delecious, and the staff was always looking to help. The managers emailed and phoned me back super promptly. I heard nothing but nice things from my guest about the Coastal House and the staff.
Cake- Let Them Eat Cake in Kennebunk. Part of our package for our venue included the cake, so they hooked us up with Let Them Eat Cake. The cake came out amazing! And she (Gayle) was so patient with all my detailed questions. Also recieved many compliments about our georgous cake!.
DJ- M&M Entertainment out of South Portland. Also, our dj was great. He also emailed and called me back promptly, and was so patient with my never ever clarifying questions. He met us out at our ceremony place to go over things since he was unable to go to the rehersal dinner. He also had an online program where I could add and take off songs to the "play list" and "do not playlist" whenever I wanted. At the wedding, he was jammin' to the music behind his station, and he actually got out there and danced to one of group dances! (the new one that is out!) It was hilarous, and we all had such a good time.
Flowers- Thom's Twin City Florest in Biddeford. The price of my flowers was amazingly inexpensive. I would tell others the price and they gave me a weird look thinking "oh those will look like crap at that price"... boy were they wrong, my flowers were absolutley georgous! The owner worked with me helping picking flowers in my price range, as I had no idea what I wanted. I love love loved my flowers!
.DRESS! I got it from Andrea's Bridal in Portland. I love love love Karen (the old owner) and she was so patient with me as I called her weekly to see if the sample dress that I wanted to try on is in. The dress ended up not being able to come in, and she helped me decide whether to order it or not. (My heart was set on it). We tried on very similar dresses, and decided to go with it, and I loveddd my dress! Unfortunatly Karen is no longer with Andrea's Bridal, but the staff and new owner seem pretty amazing too.
.OTHERS YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO!So I know everyone has different styles, so I thought I would throw in some other good vendors we encountered that might interest you!
.DJ- Jeff Rockwell out of South Portland- I was reccomended by countless people to check out this DJ. I really appreciated the sample timeines of other weddings he gave us. As you may have noticed I was a crazy bride, and needed to know every detail of every second, and seeing detailed outlines that Jeff prepared made me feel less uneasy about the planning process. In my opinion, he is also very affordable! He also mailed a packet to me before we met to help prepare for our meeting. Also the price was laid out in the packet which took away the awkwardness (in my opinion) of discussing price. I thought that was great..
Venue- Josephs by the Sea in Old Orchard Beach. This venue is absolutley beautiful, and I think would be perfect for an intimate smaller wedding. I consider the price to also be affordable! 
.Ceremony- Josephs by the Sea. Also- the ceremony location here is georgous, overlooking the ocean.

And in case your wondering! I beleive the whole wedding was about 11,000.
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Re: VENDER REVIEWS for all you planning brides!!

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