You're looking for photographer recs, right? I would highly recommend Clare Norton. She's our photog and she's FABULOUS!! Really talented, super nice, very organized and easy to get in touch with. I've actually used her as a resource with non-photography planning questions, and she's been very helpful.

Not sure what your budget is, but she's $1,500, and from what I've heard from other ladies, she'll be there for the entire day until it's over...not one of those photogs who bolts after the cake cutting. Her website is: But she books early, so I'd get in touch with her ASAP. It's good you're looking now though, over a year away. Very smart!

We did an engagement shoot with her last summer, and you can see one of the pics on her blog:

Also, when looking at photogs, make sure you find out if you get the digital negatives and rights included in the package. Some people charge a ton of money for this, which means you'll always have to go through them to order prints or use the photos in any way.

Good luck!

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    I second that! Clare is our photographer as well for our wedding in September. We had an engagement shoot last fall and love, love, love her!
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    Oh thank you very much! I just sent her an email to get more information! Between house hunting & wedding planning I want to get as much as I can done early! Thanks guys!

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    Jen -- you know me and were at my wedding just a few weeks ago.  Clare was our photographer and is AMAZING.  Hopefully she has your date available.  She took fantastic engagement photos, and worked the entire day of my wedding.  She is super personable, positive, and a pure joy to work with.  She was like another bridesmaid with the help and advice she gave on the day.  Love her!
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