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Okay so this isn't necessarily relevant to my wedding at all but I need help!! We moved into our house about 3.5 weeks ago.  I have a 2.5 year old cat.  Other than being scared to death the first day or two she was using her litter box pretty well.  We found a couple of accidents up stairs but didn't think much of it because it was when we just moved.. but then she started urinating on the futon (which is in the same room as her litter box!).  We moved her litter box to the basement about a week ago, and it is going fine at night.  But she just urinated on a pillow on the futon! I'm so frustrated!  She lived in the basement for two years (so she is use to the furnace noise & the stairs & kitty doors) with us at my parents house!  She is use to having all the stairs & room to run around in.  She is such a loving & snuggly kitty and I hate having to discipline her.  I need to get this under control so I can just go back to cuddling with her!

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    Unfortunately, once cats put their scent somewhere (by peeing or spraying) they'll keep going back there.  Also unfortunate is that I have no solid advice on how to get that smell out of your futon - we tried everything with our couch after kitty #1 sprayed to mark his territory when we got kitty #2, and it still smells on humid days, 2+ years later...
    Otherwise, I'd say to keep the cat out of as many rooms as possible until she gets used to the "new" place.  Close off as many rooms as possible for a few weeks, then after you get the peeing outside the litterbox under control, try leaving one more door open at a time, slowly - think of this as a multiple week process.  Good luck!
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    Yeah, after she had peed on it twice we got the smell out of hte room with lots of febreeze & washing hte futon cover.. then she took a day off and went back there.. now the cover is in the washer again.. Thanks though!
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      The pp is right, if she's marked on your fouton she'll keep going back to it, even if you can't smell it, she still can. Try using Petastic, it's the company that used to make and produce Nature's Miracle. The Natures Miracle that is made now isn't the origional, and doesn't work nearly as well. You want to get rid of the smell on an enzyme level.
       Also, have you tried using one of those plug-in type things that you put in an eletrical outlet. The smell they give off is supposed to help calm cats and break them of bad habbits.  I think maybe she's just adjusting to being in a new place and needs some time, especially if she's doing well at night and not during the day. Do you leave the basement door open at night??
        If she keeps having problems you might want to talk to your vet, too and see if they want to check her out. Good luck, I hope you all adjust to the new house soon!
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