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Hey ladies!! I need some advice! Sorry this is kind of long!! I'm planning on going home to Maine (live in Florida) in June for a bachelorette party. Originally we were going to have a shower then too, but I decided I didn't want a shower because I don't want to have to worry about getting the gifts home to Florida, and we don't have a huge registry anyways as we've already lived together for 5 years and don't need a ton of stuff. Instead we decided to do a bridal brunch with my bridesmaids, my mom, grandmothers and aunts. And my MOH will instruct on no gifts.

That being said, I really didn't think twice about thank you cards because I figured we'd send them out after the wedding, since that's when we'd get any gifts our friends or family graciously give us.

THEN, about a week and a half ago, we sent out our invites, and in the information page, we had put our website, which included our registries.

Today, I got an email from FI's aunt saying that we should be receiving a package from UPS tomorrow. I'm assuming it's something off the registry (or a gift of some sort). If it is, should I send her a thank you card immediately or wait until after the wedding and send them all out at once? I don't mind doing them as we get presents, but I wasn't sure what the proper way to handle it is.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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    If it were me, I would send out thank you cards as the gifts come in, just so it is easier to get a handle on things, as opposed to having to send out a ton after the wedding.

    If you decide not to send them out, make sure to keep a detailed list of who sent you what so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
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    Yes, you should send a thank you note immediately (my goal is within 2 weeks of receiving a gift).  We just got some generic TY cards, since the ones that go with our invitations weren't ready until recently.

    Open the gift to make sure it's intact, but don't use it until after the wedding.  The rationale behind that one is that if for whatever reason the wedding did not take place, you would need to return the gift.  We're not following this rule exactly (using some gifts early), but we are prepared to reimburse the gift-giver if necessary. 

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    I agree to send them pre-wedding as you receive the gifts.  You never know, they could be sending you the gift even though you are not having a shower and may very well plan on giving you a wedding gift as well.  I know my aunts have asked my Mom where we are registered even though they are not invited to the wedding or the shower (we are keeping it to immediate family and close friends only).  They want to send us something and "celebrate" with us. 
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    Thanks ladies!! I'll have to go out and get some generic thank you cards to send out immediately!

    Now the registry stalking will officially begin. :)
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    I agree with the above.  That was very sweet of her!
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    Agreed!! She is very sweet!!!
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    Oh I was an awful registry stalker!

    Then again, I was that kid who peeked at Xmas gifts early too.


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