Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot

Has anybody used Nothing Bakes Like a Parrot for their wedding, and how did it work out?

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    I did - my cake was AMAZING!  I found her prices to be unbeatable in the Portland area, and I really liked that she doesn't charge extra for different flavored tiers like some places do.  Jessica can be a bit tough to get in touch with but I definitely was NOT disappointed with my cake or my experience with her. 

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    I have tried her cakes at a recent bridal fair and they were fabulous!  She had a large assortment of goodies with her and they were all over the top.  Good choice!
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    So I'm still lurking around here, just been shy to jump back in since my date is so flipping close I guess, hah.

    I'm going to agree with what hcorrigan said though (and I'm glad you said it, miss, 'cause now I don't feel like I'm crazy!).  I'm working with Jessica right now for a few dozen items for my wedding in October.  She's super sweet when we're in touch, and I've heard nothing but great things about her food, but I will say that sometimes it can be a while in between emails and such.  I'm confident it'll be worth it in the end, and I'm not looking for anything particularly fancy, so I'm cool with it.  Just bear that in mind when you're working with her, and I'd say you're all good!
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    Thanks for the info. I just contacted her for the first time a couple weeks ago and she got back to me in a couple of days, but the 2nd email i sent her she still hasnt responded to, over a week later. Not a good way to start off.
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