Has anyone had experience with &[unlimited] photography? I fell in love with her portfolio and was just wondering if anyone else of you has seen it and what you think

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    Her portfolio is INCREDIBLE!

    However, $3200 is her starting price.. wayyy too much for me.


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    I know it's a lot and thats why I am still fighting with myself if it is worth it
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    We are using Marytracey Lyons (  She is fun and energetic and I'm looking forward to working with her. Her prices are very reasonable too! If I remember, after the wedding, I'll update you all on our experience with her. 
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    I think only you can decide whether it's worth it to you. Everyone has different budgets and how they want to address those. For some, spending more on food is important, and photography less so. Have you worked out a budget yet? That should help you decide whether you can fit $3,200 into your budget.

    Then you have to weigh how important it is to you, and if it's more important to have this photographer than, say, centerpiece flowers or a fancy cake. Identify where you'd be okay with cutting back if this photographer is that important.

    If you're uncomfortable with the price but really want her, you could consider booking her for fewer hours, or asking if she could take out parts of the package (a custom album, prints) and change her price. You could have prints or albums made later when you could afford it. I think most photographers would be willing to work with you if you make it clear you really want to work with them.

    Or, keep looking around. There are a ton of great photographers in every price range. You may find someone you like just as much but for half the price.

    I "fell in love" with one woman's portfolio but she ended up being booked. I was disappointed, but then we found another photographer whose work was just as great (if not better) and who personality-wise was the best match for FI and me. I'd meet with this person too and see if you jive with him/her. You may love the work but not feel comfortable with the photographer.
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    Debbie Harmon is great! she takes pictures for 10hrs so shes literaly there all day and for the whole event! She also does free engagment pics (you can purches if you like them) and 20% off of anything you order as long as u tell her what you want before the wedding, and gives you all your pics on a cd.

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    $3200.00 is a bit high for a starting price...does she provide any other options to customize her packaging? Maybe she will be flexible with you? We went with NH Images and they were flexible with their pricing and have a wide range of pricing for all...they will also customize for you. I would definitely ask this question. :)
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    Ashley Therese Photography is totally reasonable and she works with each of her couples to customize a package which is awesome.  Her work is fantastic and we were so impressed with her as a person. She travels without additional cost within the country which is a huge bonus!">
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