Dress shopping!

starting to look for my dress tomorrow :) any tips for this big day??
how many times did you all go shopping?

Re: Dress shopping!

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    I only went once.  I went with a bunch of dresses in mind that I wanted to try on and I didn't limit myself to one specific style or sihoulette.  Keep an open mind and remember that how a dress looks on a hanger may be completely different than how it looks on. 

    Enjoy it and don't get too stressed out!
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    Technically I went twice.  Once with my bridesmaids to try on a few to ge ideas of what I was looking for and once to a Trunk show to actually pick out my dress.
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    I went once.  I had ZERO wedding plans but a friend from NY was visiting and wanted to go.  I found one, fell in love, and then everything just kind of fell into place.  When I put it on I wasn’t immediately sure, but once I got out on the pedestal I was totally into it, and I know I made the right choice bc I can’t go a day without looking at the pics that were taken that day and getting all smiley lol

    As far as tips; I only tried on 8 or so, but it helped when I was super honest with my consultant;  I blurted out my first impressions after trying things on which helped me at the same time figure out what I wanted myself.  Putting on a veil also helped with ones I wasn’t sure about.  Be honest about what you want to spend too.  I said 1200 and when the one I wanted was 850, I was glad I didn’t go any higher.

    Where are you going?  You'll have a blast, it's fun!

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    i live west of boston so going to a few places outside the city- Vows in watertown and La Reine in waltham.. hoping to find one today... i like checking things off the to do list! this is the one thing i'm actually looking forward to doing:)
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    I bought my first day out too, and I had zero intention of buying.  I tried on about 10 dresses and this was the owners pic for me.  I knew right away it wa the one.  I just came back from trying my actual dress on with some accessories, and ordered my veil and headpiece today.  I am so in love!  Have fun!  Let us know if you end up getting your dress!
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    I tried on 34 dresses in 4 different stores trying to find the dress that really talked to me.  It's so true that when you find the one, you know it!!  I had to do most of my shopping alone since all my girls are from away.  Now I'm trying to find a way to meet up with some of them so they can see the dress before I actually buy it.  With the weather the way it is, I don't think that will happen.  Looks like my dress will be a surprise for everyone!!!!
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