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Hiiiiiiiii ladies! Sorry I've been so MIA. Right now I'm trying to track down some photos to post, but here's the link to my FABULOUS photographer's website and her sneak peak of our day:

To anyone still looking for a photographer - Clare was AMAAAZING. She's so very talented and well-priced. She's a joy to work with and captures some truly amazing moments. PM me if you want more info about her. 

I will post more when I get a chance, but let me say that the day was PERFECT from beginning to end. I woke up to my 3 yr old nephew wishing me a happy wedding day, had a lovely breakfast with the bridesmaids, the hair salon was amazing (everyone looked fabulous!), and the ceremony and reception were indiscribably wonderful. The best moments and days in our lives can't seem to be captured in words, but I am so blessed to have married my best friend and to have been surrounded by so many friends and family that care about us. 

I actually remembered my vows which the priest made us memorize! I was so nervous! That was huge for me - and I made it through....almost....without crying. ;) If people want to FB me, there are pictures up there (I can't seem to save them though). PM me for info. 

Really, it was such a magical day. I couldn't have asked for better weather or a more beautiful ceremony or a more fun reception. Oh, and my venue did some pretty amazing things with the linens we provided. One really funny thing: after the wedding, FI confessed to me how impressed he was with the linens. I think he thought I was nuts to care so much, but he thought they really transformed the room. I was happy that he appreciated it when it was all said and done. :)

I'll definitely post the video clip when it comes and the pictures on Clare's site when she posts. I'll see if I can save some from FB or get ahold of my family/friends' photos to upload for you all!!

I have missed you ladies!!! 
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