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I am looking into Village by the Sea for a small wedding with an indoor ceremony. Has anyone got married there or knows of someone who has? Reviews, likes or dislikes? Thanks! Tongue out

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    I've olny heard good things through the grapevine.  Never been to a wedding there, but I know those who have,  I have also stayed there for a girls weekend before.
    August 28th, HERE I COME!
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    We were also looking at them for our ceremony and reception. We were disappointed, especially because they're so reasonably priced for the area. The ceremony site is about 100 feet from Route 1 and right next to their driveway.  You can see the highway in the corner of the pictures they have of ceremonies that have happened there. While we were there looking the place over, three separate sirens went off. Plus, we could hear the road traffic in the reception room. Overall, we were just not impressed.
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    Thanks so much for the opinions; we are checking out the place tomorrow. 

    @timelady77 Good information-- I know that the price is excellent but I had no idea how close it was to Rt 1, yuck! I'll have to let everyone know what I think.

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    Well I checked out the place today and was very disappointed. The coordinator was a half an hour late and when she showed, she didn't even say sorry. Not that I care if anyone is late, but really? 

    She didn't sound happy to see us at all. She showed us one room for our party and when I asked questions she kept saying she didn't know and to just email her later.

    We asked if we could have more of a tour and she walked us downstairs and said this is pretty much it. We wanted to see a room so she gave us a key to one and left.

    I probably would have liked the place more if they showed some enthusiasm! 

    It's a big no. 
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    This makes me sad.  I've stayed there so many times and always thought it would be a fun Mini Destination wedding locations.
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    Thank you for your review.  I made an appointment to see the Village by the Sea next week.  I was considering canceling because I was really turned off by after speaking with their "wedding coordinator". She was unprofessional, completely unentheusiastic and couldn't answer questions I had either.  After reading your review, I am not going to waste time out of our vacation to go there.

    Have you considered Dockside Guest Quarters?  I spoke with Phil, their functions coordinator, he was really nice and answered all of my questions.  We are going to visit next week to see if it is the right place for us.

    Good luck in your search!

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    Yeah, it was crazy-- the prices were excellent but I really didn't want to put my wedding in the hands of someone who didn't care, especially when couples are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for their special day. My FI and I have looked at so many wonderful places with awesome coordinators so we were bound to get a dud somewhere! :P I'm glad you didn't waste the time, you and your FI would have been disappointed like us.

    I haven't heard of Dockside or even looked but I will! Let us know how it is when you check it out! :) 
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