Bridesmaids dresses in Bangor?

Hi everyone,  I don't post here since I now live and am getting married in NH, but I did grow up in Maine :)

I have an insanely busy bridesmaid who is likely not going to be able to come down here to go dress shopping with me, so I'd like to go up to her if I can.  That said, I haven't lived in Bangor for years and I'm certainly not familiar with the bridal options in the area.  Does anyone have recommendations for bridesmaid dress shops?  Preferably at least one that carries Dessy/After Six, but I'm flexible :)

I know I can Google these things, but not every reputable shop is on the web, and I know in my area there are a couple that are complete rip-offs but you'd never know if you didn't get personal reviews.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Bridesmaids dresses in Bangor?

  • Henrys bridal I think it is called....we just ordered ours and so far so good!
  • Have you thought about buying something from Macy's? Their prices from their constant sales tend to be better and the dresses can be less "bridesmaid." 
  • Thanks, ladies!

    The "problem" with going to Macy's is that my other 4 BMs have already picked out and purchased their dresses.  They're all wearing their own styles of their choosing, but I'm coordinating the colors, so we need to go somewhere with a swatch book - and I know Dessy/After Six carries the shade we need :)
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    June 2012 February Signature: Favorite picture of you & FI
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    Sorry, I didn't realize! I bought a prom dress from Millenium in Newport area wayyy bak when, you could see if they carry what you're looking for!
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    Seconding Henry's in Bangor.  I got my dress alterations there and liked their selection generally.
  • Thirding Henry's Bridal in Bangor.  The staff is sweet and very helpful without being high-pressure.  Love them!  Should be able to see some of the things they carry from their website,
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