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I am trying to find a venue in the area of York or Ogunquit that can hold up to 200 people.  I had wanted a ballroom feel for it.  ANy suggestions??  We looked at Union Bluff, but I'm worried about fitting everyone.  Anyone had their own wedding or been to one there?? Thanks in advance for the help!! :o)

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  • I've heard great things about Grace in Portland. I've never been there or known anyone who has, but I keep hearing about it.

    Good luck!
  • I talked with Sabin from Grace, he was amazing and so very nice.  It was a shame we couldn't work out something with him.  He was very upfront with me
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  • I would have suggested Union Bluff. The space was far too large for my wedding (75 guests) but I'm sure 200 will be fine. 
  • You can try the Nonantum in Kennebunkport, that is where I am getting married :)
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    [QUOTE]You can try the Nonantum in Kennebunkport, that is where I am getting married :)
    Posted by mariya2003[/QUOTE]

    I got married there as well, love it.  The staff and the coordinator there are great!  Food is awesome. 
  • any help with a place for 300?? i can't find any to hold that many...we're planning on having one in i thought now would be a good time to start planning...but it's harder than i thought.
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