how to tell people about bar situation....

Hey ladies.. I am stumped on how to let people know about the bar situation..  We have decided to offer a full open bar cocktail hour and then switch to cash bar for the rest of the evening.  My mom thinks that it's important to let people know to bring cash/cc's so they wont be suprised when they get there, especially because there isn't an atm on site, which i agree.  We are getting ready to get our invites out in a week or two (diy style) so i can include something in there.  I can't help but feel it would be tacky to write it on our actual invite..  in my personal opinion. 
Right now we have on the bottom of the invite...

drinks, dinner, and dancing to follow
(reception location/address etc)

So the question is.. find a classy way to write it on the invite, OR include a reception card that spells it all out (we are keeping things pretty casual so i wasn't planning on doing one of these, but may end up having to) OR leave it to fate, aka word of mouth etc..

Opinions? How did you handle this situation if you are doing something similar?

Re: how to tell people about bar situation....

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    I would leave it to fate and word of mouth.  I have been to multiple weddings where the bartenders tell us that the bar is open bar for the first hour and then it changes to cash bar.  So they will spread the word that day too.  If you mom wants to spread it around ahead of time, she can.  Mention it to people at the shower, in passing, etc.  I just would find it tough to fit that into an invitation personally.

    Also, I have to say, I never ever ever ever EVER expect a wedding to not be cash bar.  When it's not, or I'm given some alcohol without having to pay for it, I am excited and grateful.  I think our area tends to have more cash bars as the norm.   I can't imagine people not bringing cash to a wedding just in case or a place not accepting credit/debit cards.  I would think people would be fine.  Honestly.
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    I would either put it on your wedding website or leave it to word of mouth.  I know that people on here (TK, not this board specifically) often say that they never bring cash to a wedding, but I can't imagine not bringing at least $20 or so to any event.

    ETA: Is there any way you could have poured wine during dinner?  I went to a wedding that was open bar for cocktail hour and then cash bar, but there was wine on the tables at dinner.  I missed the cocktail hour because I was somewhat involved with photos (FI's brother's wedding), but I was glad that I got some hosted alcohol at dinner at least. 

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    I agree w/PPs and I think a wine pour at dinner would be a really nice touch. After that, people are up dancing and socializing.

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    word of mouth will do it.

    Do you have a wedding website? you could some how post it in there
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    I agree with the PP's - word of mouth and then post it on your wedding website.   I've been doing the same thing; mentioning to my friends that we can't afford open bar (and they all understand), and we've posted a note on our website where the menu is that water, lemonade, coffee and tea will be offered, a cash bar will be available.  I wouldn't try to put it on the invitations, I don't think there is any way to do that without being awkward. 
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    I agree with the PP.  But I would adjust your invites to just say dinner and dancing.  if you add drinks in there your guest might think that thier on the house just like the dinner and the dancing is.  I also agree that cash bars are pretty normal and acceptable here in Maine.
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    Thanks for all your thoughtful opinions!  After thinking about it a little, I decided to not write anything on invites, because, i agree like all of you said, you cant really say that nicely!!  I really like the suggestion of a wine being offered.  We are going to have running tabs so we can get drinks as we see fit for the night, but it would be nice to offer that for other people who may miss the cocktail hour.  We dont have a wedding website, but my bridal shower is coming up in the next month (yay!) so i can casually mention it to guests there. And i'll put Mom on the job for that as well. 

    chrispygal... i totally agree with you about never expecting open bar when i go to weddings!  close friends and family already assume it is cash bar because that's the norm, but we both have a lot of out of state guests coming that are nj/ny-er's and the style of weddings they throw down there are completely different from up here!  So really that is my concern, that they will not be prepared and be insulted or something haha

    Thanks for all the help ladies! mini crisis averted...
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    Thanks fickrj5!  i did realize that about the drinks mentioned on the invites... it could be misread, i guess i was trying to say that there is a cocktail hour, dinner then let's party.  But now it reads:

    dinner and dancing to follow
    (reception location)

    Big help! :)
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