Jack & Jill Ideas anyone?

I had to leave the weddingwire community, they didnt seem to understand/respect this issue....

We want to have a jack & jill.. no gifts. We already have a house and kids so we dont need any objects. My bridesmaids want to invite our close friends and family for a large bbq instead of a traditional "bridal shower" anyone done this, ideas?

Re: Jack & Jill Ideas anyone?

  • A friend of mine did something very similar, and everyone had a great time.  If I were having a shower, I would have a Jack and Jill as well.
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    I think that's a great idea and do know someone else who did the same thing as a pool party.  The "problem" is that people really want to bring "something", so you might want to ask them to bring food for a food pantry in the area, or items for the animal shelter, or even something they would like to have for themself and then turn it into a Yankee Swap. That will add some fun to the evening and satisfy their need to bring something without bringing you another toaster!  Good luck.
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