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I'm attending a jack and jill bridal shower this summer, and I seem to be at a loss of what we should get them. I wanted to get something unique, maybe something a little different than registry gifts. They are very dear friends to my fiance and I, and we are both in their upcoming wedding.

For the ladies that have already had their bridal shower - were there gifts that you just simply loved?

My only idea so far, was to put one of their engagement pictures (it actually has their 2 boys in it as well) on a canvas.

Any thoughts/ideas? Smile

Re: Bridal shower gift ideas

  • Personally, the gifts we loved the most were the things from our registry because those were the things we really needed/wanted.  No one really got creative for us, but I was thrilled that one of my closest friends bought us our serving set.  It definitely gave it more meaning. 

    Are they wine drinkers?  I have heard about people doing a picnic basket with a pair of really nice wine glasses, carafes, and some nice bottles of wine with tags on them for when to drink them (honeymoon, first fight, first anniversary, first New Years, first party, etc.).

    If you know for sure that they would have a place for the canvas, that's a good idea too.  I've also seen Groupons for companies that turn pictures into woven blankets.
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  • I agree with hcorrigan. As much as I understand wanting to get creative, but what if everyone does that? They get a bunch of stuff they didn't ask for, might not be their style and could have no need for. That said, could you do a but of both? I like the canvas picture (search for a groupon, I'm always getting emails about them) and maybe something in your price range off the registry?
  • I really like the wine idea. Thanks for the link!

    This friend has told me they have everything they need for their home, and for that reason, they are doing a very, very small registry. I'm not opposed to getting something off the registry, but I also wanted to get them something that required a little more thought and planning.

    Found a groupon for the canvas, thanks misssunshine!
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    I highly recommend something from Thirty One Gifts. They offer tons of great products that can be personalized with embroidery. I am a consultant, but there are consultants all around the country as well.

    I highly recommend a tote bag, picnic blanket, or thermal bag embroidered with their new last name. Some people even do something like "Jones EST. 2012"

    Here are some photos of what people have done before for wedding gifts:

    You can see more ideas online at

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