Beach Rental Properties to have a wedding on?

Hi Ladies,

I'm not yet engaged, but very pregnant.  My man and I are going to wait until after the baby is born, but have kind of started to plan our wedding.  We agreed on getting married on a beach in Maine (central location for family).  As I've looked into and researched this, there aren't many viable options for beach weddings that don't cost a fortune.  

My question is, has anyone rented (or heard of anyone that's rented) a beach house with beach front property to have the wedding and reception on?  I figured to rent for the week, have family stay if they need to, could be our honeymoon/wedding.

Any input would be great!
Thanks :)

Re: Beach Rental Properties to have a wedding on?

  • Check out the Casco Bay Islands in Portland. If you don't mind having guests travel via ferry, there are very affordable rental homes surrounding by beach and ocean that are beautiful! and congrats on your baby to be! 
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    Check out

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    Old Orchard Beach is nice, too
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