so excited! had to share!

so, I was pumped about my Bargain shopping! I have ordered my invitations! It took a little while, because I had to look for Vistaprint groupon offers. But after doing the Math of the Grand Total of the Invites- before any discounts, the total was $350. My grand total after paying for the deals and shipping was $66! yahoo!   

Re: so excited! had to share!

  • Nice!  I love Vistaprint...I totally made a bunch of Christmas gifts on there using their free item offers and just payed for shipping!  I made wedding-picture calendars for my mom and MIL and a calendar of honeymoon pictures for DH.

    3 calendars, 2 pens, 3 keychains and 2 sticky note pads cost me about $23 in shipping across 3 different orders.  I paid for fast shipping ($13) one on order, then paid the slowest shipping on the other two ($5ish).  Since it saves them money, they ship all the items together under the fastest shipping I paid for.  SCORE!

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  • yay!! I love great deals!  they are fantastic!!!!!!
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