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Okay so my wedding is 6 months from this Saturday! AHHHH! holy crap.. I know STDs aren't required but I'm trying to weigh pros and cons.. But I'm also realizing that if I'm going to do them I need to get them out asap! I still haven't narrowed down my guest list, if I wait until after the first of the year to send them out think I'll still be okay? My thought is that I'm sending them out mostly so out of towners can book their hotel rooms but I'ved noticed that most hotels don't even let you reserve a block until it's less than 6 months away..

Also I'm looking for reasonably priced hotels in the Portland area.. any ideas?  I am from Portland so I'm really just trying to avoid calling every single one of them.. Are there typically discounts associated with blocks of rooms? 

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    I think after the first of the year would be fine, there will still be pleanty of time between when you send out the STD's and the Invites so you should be all set.  Also, your out of town guests will appreciate it. 

    As for hotels, I have no idea.
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    i personally didnt send save the dates since my wedding is small (less then 50 guests) everyone that is coming has listened to me talk about the wedding for almost two years now! lol   
    but i do think you have plenty of time to send them out still!
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    My wedding is in July and I'm sending out my STDs after the New Year.  We are having our reception at a place connected to a hotel, so we've had the rooms blocked since October. 

    I think your best bet is to look in South Portland or on the Westbrook side of Portand (over by Kohl's).  A friend just stayed at the Holiday Inn Express by the mall (up on the hill by Sable Oaks) and had a junior suite for 4 adults and 2 kids for less than $100 (on a Saturday).  I also know the Holiday Inn Portland West (across from Kohls) is going to be going under new management/name soon, so you might want to avoid them.

    What if you looked online first to at least find their average price during the summer.  If that was reasonable, then you could call and ask about a block of rooms.  It would definitely save you from calling everyone first.
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    Do you have that many OOT guests?  I personally feel that STDs are just something "frilly" to throw in, and it's an industry conceived idea that bride's now feel like it's a MUST.  Most people who will be travelling a great distance to your wedding already know you're getting married.  I sent 12 STDs, because I got them for free.  

    I think shortly after the first of the year would be fine, but don't feel like STDs are something you HAVE to do.  


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    My wedding is in September and we are sending out STDs in January. I've had my room blocks set up since October. 
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    We're getting married in October and STDs will be sent next week (if I'm lucky and get it done).  I'm sending them early because it's peak leaf peeping season and I want all OOTers to get reservations ASAP.  Also, I've already booked blocks of rooms at two local hotels so the six month policy someone mentioned must have been just that hotel's policy.  Call as soon as you can - there's no obligation on your part.
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