Saturday Night Kareoke in Portland?

Hi Ladies! I am planning the bachelorette party for a wedding that I am in and so far we have arrangements for an awesome hotel suite in Portland and we plan to go downtown for the typical drinking/dancing but I know the bride really loves Kareoke and if possible I'd love to find a place! One possible kind in the plans is that it's going to be on St. Patrick's Day due to scheduling issues- hopefully that won't impact the availability of good dancing for us! 
Anyone know of any place? I'd also take recommendations for the best bachelorette places for dancing in the old port. I'm not too familiar with the area since I've been living in Boston for several years.

Re: Saturday Night Kareoke in Portland?

  • I'm not really sure about where there is kareoke, but I just wanted to say that you should be prepared for it to be insanely packed. St Patrick's Day is always crowded in Portland, and I can imagine it will be worse this year since it's on a Saturday. I'm sure you guys will have a great time, but just be ready to wait a while for some drinks!
  • old port tavern usually has kareoke and also a lot of places have cover charges for st patricks day.  for dancing the popular spots are usually oasis, 51 wharf and pearl. good luck!
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  • Thanks! I was afraid of the cover charge issue for the holiday... that's certainly how it is in Boston. Guess we will just have to deal!
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