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Does anyone know anything about the black tie co? prices, food, service, etc. thanks ladies!

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  • expensive but the food is amazing!
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  • Ive been wondering the same thing! I plan on contacting them soon as I am interested in The Harbor View at Jones Landing for my wedding venue, ill let you know what I find out :
  • Awesome thank you! The Harbor View looks beautiful
  • a friend of mine had her rehearsal dinner there. They did the full lobster bake for about 75 people, and I believe it was around $6,000 with the open bar. 1) the food was AMAZING. Lobsters were enormous, and the whole meal was just awesome. 2) BEAUTIFUL location. There's plenty of room for dancing, and it has a great view of Portland.
  • For the reception, we are custom caterers and so we do not have set packages. Catering costs vary depending on the menu and timing that you choose and typically start around 80pp based on 100 guests for a 4 hour reception of light hors d'oeuvres, dinner, coffee and cake and go up from there. Some couples choose to have a 56 hour reception and their costs fall in the 85pp100pp range. This is part of the information I received from Amy at Black Tie today, hope this helps.
  • I'm meeting with them next week as we're looking into the Portland Club and the Landing at Pine Point for our reception.  I've talked to a couple of people though who said that they're excellent!
  • My fiance and I have The Portland Club booked for next June with Black Tie Co. and at first I was skeptical of them BUT we met with Kathleen and she was great. We haven't chosen the food for our reception yet so that will help determine the price but we chose the Portland Club for its location, character, and affordability. It was the cheapest rental fee out of Black Tie's locations. 
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    My sister had her wedding at Harborview at Jones Landing in 2009, it was gorgeous and the food was great... the pricing above is accurate, and if you ask for more detailed menus they will send them right along!

    I had also considered Portland Club and the Landing at Pine Point but was really put off by Camille's lack of responsiveness, especially for the money they charge.  If you can avoid having to meet with her, from what I've heard, you're in good shape!
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  • I am seriously considering using Black Tie for our reception. I haven't spoken with anyone yet, but have had 3 friends use them over the last couple years...and my best friend actually had Camille as her event planner, so we've met. I know throughout the entire experience, she was always very calm and helpful with her (which says a lot), as well as extremely knowledgeable about everything we had questions about. -Hope that helps. 
  • I used The Portland Club; the food was amazing!  Actually finding time for tastings would be my only complaint.  My dad and stepmom ended up having to go in my place because we couldn't find a day that worked for everyone.  I did a plated dinner as well as a full dessert bar.  Everything was the right temperature and very tasty.  The women who was our point of contact is unfortunately no longer there; she was amazing and I would have recommended her to everyone!
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