When do you decorate the church??

Hi, I have moved up my wedding date from Sep to 4/30/11 and now I have almost everything worked out, but I was filling out my church application and when do you decorate the church? Is it something the bride/bridal party does or a florist comes and does it? When does it happen? I'm having my rehearsal on Friday night at 5 and then the wedding at 4 on Sat.  Hope someone can help me!!!


Re: When do you decorate the church??

  • schadbourneschadbourne member
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    If you have a florist doing alter arrangements pew arrangements ect they will work out a time before the wedding to set up. Personally I am doing it all myself so my plan is to do it at rehersal except the aisle runner and the entrance things ex: table for water/programs and bubbles. I will also check in and do final touches before my pictures (i am doing pictures before the ceremony) to make sure everything is perfect.

    Talk to your church to see what they allow in terms of decoration and time frames. Ask what they have done in the past.
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