Bridesmaids dresses!

My girls and I are headed to Andrea's Bridal today to pick out their bridesmaids dresses!  I can't wait!  One more check will be off my list!

Re: Bridesmaids dresses!

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    so jealous!!!
    that's what i'm doing tomorrow tho!
    hope you guys have fun - good luck! Post pics when you decide on them :-)
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    I would love to know what you picked.  We are still torn between a few. 
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    here are the dresses my girls picked out.  I dont have any pics of them in them, these are from the website.  All of the dresses are tea length (will be shortened though), silky taffeta, and eggplant color.  They are Jim Hjelm.

    MOH dress

    The other 4 dresses

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    wanna hear something scary? wedding is in 44 days and we still havent ordered a dress yet!! sunday we are going! lol
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    I have to go there in March!! I live in CT and my BMs are scattered across New England, BUT i have 3 in I'm looking forward to doing that too!!! Pretty Dresses btw!! :) I'm gonna do Alfred Angelo Celadon, long, satin... whatever they want..
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    I'm starting to get panicky about dresses but my wedding isn't until mid-July.  I really just want it to be out of the way, but one of my BMs had back surgery last month and was pretty much house-bound for the month leading up to her surgery.  I'm hoping to go by the end of January.  I'm not worried about running out of time, I just want another check off of my list!
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