I need help :/

Hi, my fiance and I are getting married in a little under a year and I am having trouble finding a reception site that is inexpensive. our entire budget is 6,800 and as all of you know, thats not alot. my dress is not taken out and neither are the flowers. so thats for a photographer, a DJ , and the reception. so any help would be very appreciated!

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    Where in Maine are you looking?
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    I don't what you are looking for but sometimes you can find a nice looking legion hall or elks lounge to rent for cheap. Summer camps can also be a cheaper option and some even offer catering...Don't know if this helps at all but give us some more details of what you are looking for and where and we may be able to make better suggestions.
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    Hi Stacy,
    Not sure where you are looking in Maine, what time of year you are getting married or how many people you want to have but, Camp Ketcha in Scarborough has a beautiful room and outside facility. I don't know the particulars but, I have heard it's affordable!  

    Also, not sure if you're into the backyard wedding idea but, in Bethel (my hometown) there is a house/inn called the Crocker Pond house. It's not a traditional/well known spot (as far as I know). Not sure the cost but, I don't think it's that expensive (tent and other rentals) plus, if you/your family caters that might help too. Oh and if you don't want to cater ... the Good Food Store is AMAZING and I don't think they are too expensive either.

    Good luck! Let me know if any of this helps!
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    we are in the sebago, portland area. I looked at the Italian Heritage center but the room was a little small. there will be about 100 guests and it is a september wedding. I have hired a photographer now.
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