Engagement Photos!

Well we finally ordered our engagement photos...we had them taken in May went to order them in July but the studio was closed for renevations and wedding season.  SO we finally sat down and ordered them...I think it could have waited another week, it's exam week and it took us over an hour to decide which picture to go with.  We knocked it down to 3 potentials right away...took a little while to get it to 2...and even longer to get it to 1.  But it's done now and hopefully it won't take too long to come in!  My plan was to have them done earlier and give them to our parents, and my grandparents for Christmas.  We also ordered one for ourselves, one for each of our godparents and then an order of to send to the paper and then we'll give the rest to our siblings. Nice to finally have a check on the to-do list!!

Re: Engagement Photos!

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